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Welcome to a place that is made to be barefooted, the perfect fusion of rest, comfort and natural surroundings. Just open your window and you will have the ocean in front of you. You will be surrounded by fishermen, palm trees, furniture made of tropical wood, sand and the ocean.
Our name defines us, a small paradise located between the bays of San Agustinillo, Oaxaca. The perfect place to get in touch with nature. Here in Punta Placer everything flows, the space itself is design to give you the rest you need. The natural luxury is centered in an intimate, comfortable space.

Escape from the hustle of the city and the traffic.

San Agustinillo

A quiet and authentic fishing village set in beautiful bays between wide and beautiful beaches. Our people point to a prosperous future, based on sustainable tourism and a way of life with low impact, a turn required in a more environmentally conscious time. Halfway between Huatulco and Puerto Escondido you will find this tropical paradise.
Its economy was once based on fishing and exploitation of sea turtles but in 1990 the Mexican government decreed the total ban on the danger of extinction of some species, which caused this town to turn to other horizons, finding in tourism a source of economy with the pleasure of serving those who visit us.

San Agustinillo


By car:
  • From Oaxaca thru Miahuatlan :
    Highway 175 south way (aprox 6 hrs)
  • From San Cristóbal thru la Ventosa:
    Highway 200 to Puerto Escondido (aprox 8 hrs)
  • From Acapulco thru Pinotepa Nacional:
    Highway 200 east (aprox 7 hrs)
By Plane:
  • From Puerto Escondido 1 hr
  • From Huatulco 50 min
By Bus
  • The buses get to Pochutla, from there you can take a share or private taxi. Aprox 25 min